Our mission

The mission of the Swiss lnternational Prostate Center is to provide care for patients from diagnosis to treatment, in malignant or benign prostatic disease, in accordance with medical ethics, which guarantees the quality of care. For this, the SIPC has a medical team of highly experienced certified urologists and radiologist including some of the pioneers of robot-assisted surgical techniques. The Centre has a technical platform of the latest generation for diagnosis, including 3T MR lmaging, the Koelis'' UroStation'' and the Biopsee* transperineal biopsy system. Genetical evaluation of the biopsy is performed. For treatments the Focal One'' (High frequency Focused Ultrasound) and for prostatec{omy, the four-armed Si da Vinci'' robot. The medical team of the Centre also offers a second opinion opportunity, on the basis of a documented file.